Shelter, Trust, Love, Endearment and Hope

By Alberto March

Poem by © Nancy Levin

We may never know how we hold all we can or how the light catches us when we are out of breath it’s a sign of healing to be feeling again the real breakthrough can only arise from heartbreak that which ailcures reminding us that it’s always about beginning and then beginning again as the waves crash me I trust the sand to polish my edges smooth dissolving denial revealing real while courage and confidence ignite my core contraction and expansion let the light stream in and the stillness after so much thrashing about allows the body to wring the sorrow out as freedom floods shadows may persist know your undertow as you alchemize the dark and remember that you always have the strength to choose how to engage the clouds unveil the view when you are ready to climb now it’s time to notice the miraculous moments in your life as they are happening this is the making of me and we will walk courageously into daybreak from the night shining our light together


  • Digital Photography Models: Kelly Carter and Noemy Fernandez. Lighting: Robert Uribe