The photographic digital artwork I am presenting is called “Giants of NYC.” It is framed by my interest in capturing the life behind the facades of the NYC skyscrapers and the interaction with their surroundings.

Photographers around the world have taken photos of these giants, but no one has interwoven reality with fiction. Each one of these giants predominate spaces, determine shapes and interact with their surroundings while embracing the life of their inhabitants and creating an interesting skyline. Walking by them, I feel delighted with how they bring life to each other, by reflecting shadows that move by the day and transcends by embracing the night. They enable me to frame their impetuous presence by my eye. Their fronts, profiles and sides give an overall sense of how massive they are, and their lines, textures and different shapes draw contrast among them. Their presence creates a sense of an urban battle, each wrestling to touch the sky.

At first, I was inspired by the Flatiron Building, which is a famous landmark of New York City; monumental, yet classy. Its solemn presence gave me the opportunity to take the building out of its surroundings and create a fantasy by utilizing Photoshop filters, channels, blending modes and adjustments. Colors chosen are extravagant with dazzling lines. Photos taken inside the building of such things like decorative elements or carpets are used to create the background of each building. Each giant possesses lines, shapes textures and personalities that inspire me in their own ways. Each Giant is portrayed with a blend of reality and fiction, which gives a strong visual impact.

Russian photographer Nicolas Tikhomiroff once wrote: “Photography must be the result of an emotion, a ray of enlightenment, or a moment full of love or sadness.”