firma victoria

Victoria is the visual representation of the complexity of human nature. It explores the antagonism of what becomes the time between birth and death. This photographic exhibition portrays the mystical connection between the universe and our inner being, as well as its liberation through dance as an artistic expression. Utilizing the camera as his tool, Alberto March has captured the ephemeral value of human presence in this life. Through light, the use of neutral and warm colors, the dance moves and the scars on the naked body of Victoria Vargas, March materializes inflicted pain to the dancer during battles between Life and Death.

The exhibition is divided into three parts. The first one (Childhood Dressed of Strength), in black and white, represents the gestation of the embryo inside the mother’s womb, the presence of the Divine and the unknown, and the intangible nexus between the vulnerability and strength of Life. In the second (Puberty Dressed of Light) and third (Maturity Dressed of Master) parts, March uses sepia, earth, and pink tones to mirror the ethereal bond created at birth, subsequent life, and finally the death of a human being. Combined, Victoria exhibits the physical and emotional wounds that often prevent us from living our lives and finding happiness within ourselves. Paradoxically, Vargas transforms these same limitations into dance with the sole purpose of celebrating Life.